(started as has been around since 2003. At our peak, had 36,351 Threads, 580,501 Posts and 13,467 Members. Countless car meets and even rips to the U.S. for car shows, which most of us STARTED!

If you're here, you're probably an O.G. member just trying to go down memory lane. Well, I finally pulled the plug/forum offline.

I hear there are still meets happening with original GenerationDub members, which is amazing!

I doubt many are even reading this, but if you found it and you want to connect, come find me on LinkedIn!

Maybe one day, we will see everyone again! Until then, I've stored the forum software safely in a backup drive .. sleeping.

Thank you for the many many wonderful memories. Almost 20 years now. (ahem, that's crazy isn't it?)!

- harry (aka, footose)

p.s. - If you're looking for JettaChick, I'll forward you over to Kooz and DrZeus.